Here they come again!!! They are still saying crazy stuff!

These are the only talking bobbleheads with almost 2 minutes of each candidate’s best quotes in their own voices.

 We searched hundreds of files to find the most hilarious, most outrageous, and most entertaining statements from President Trump and Sleepy Joe Biden.

 Each bobblehead is guaranteed to amuse, entertain, educate, and maybe even change your mind about who should be our next president.


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Both President Trump and Sleepy Joe stand about 8 inches tall and are made of impact resistant presidential polyresin. Amuse yourself and your friends with almost 2 full minutes of actual quotes from each candidate captured directly from the candidates themselves.

All quotes are in the candidates own voice, and available anytime at the press of a button. You can hear 19 unique quotes for Sleepy Joe Biden and 12 for President Trump. (See the full list of all quotes in the product description).

Each candidate is hand painted in a full rich palate of glossy colors. A black protective mask is included with each bobblehead so they can’t spread anything except their crazy quotes.

Batteries are included so your bobblehead is ready to talk as soon as it arrives. Operation is simple, just slide the on/off switch to the 'on' position, then push the black button on the base to start the fun.

 Our bobbleheads ship from Atlanta, GA in protective packaging so delivery is fast and secure.

 Relive the zingers, crazy comments, and head scratching exchanges from these two contenders whenever you want. 

Buy both and stage your own debates. 

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“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation. And I probably wouldn’t have gone to the theatre if cool Bobbleheads like these had been available in my day.”

Abe Lincoln – Washington DC

“99% of failures come from people who make excuses. And there is no excuse for not buying both bobbleheads as soon you have a good 5G signal”

G. Washington – Near Potomac River

“He that lies down with Dogs, shall rise up with fleas but there are no fleas or bugs of any kind on these really cool talking bobbleheads”.

B. Franklin – Philadelphia PA

“I hope you boys sell a lot of these dolls but aren’t you a little old to be playing with dolls?”

My Mom – Atlanta, GA