Here they come again!!! They are still saying crazy stuff!


Are the phrases the bobbleheads say real?  Yes.  The phrases are actual clips from public comments made by the political candidates and in their own voice.


Does the bobblehead come with batteries?  Yes.  There are two LR44 1.5-volt button cell batteries installed.  Replacements are readily available wherever watch batteries or hearing aid batteries are sold.


I just got my bobblehead and it is not talking when I press the button. Why?  Please check several things to operate the doll.  First, make sure you have removed the plastic tab hanging from the battery compartment to activate the batteries.  Second, make sure the power switch at the bottom of the doll is in the ON mode.


My bobblehead was working perfect, but now he has started stuttering and cutting his phrases short. Why?  Both of these candidates are up in their years so it takes energy for them to talk. When their phrases start getting cut short they need an energy boost - that means it is time for new batteries.


How do I access the batteries?  At the bottom of the doll carefully slide the battery door down by placing your fingertip at the small slot and push down.  We strongly advise that you only open the battery compartment after it is obvious they are drained and you are replacing, which should take some time.


Where is this bobblehead made?  Our bobbleheads are designed in the USA and manufactured in China.  We searched hard for a U.S. manufacturer, but had no luck finding one that could make it at a price anywhere close to what you’d be willing to pay. 


Most of the phrases sound perfect, but I noticed some background noise in a few of the quotes. Why? Almost all the phrases we included are crystal clear but candidates make some of their best comments in a noisy environment when addressing a crowd. We included some of the comments with more background noise because they are so darn funny. Check out the video of the bobbleheads talking in the Bobbleheads tab.


How can I contact you?  Ouchmoments, LLC was founded by two former corporate drones and our headquarters is in Atlanta GA.   Our goal now is to have fun making products that are always entertaining.  You can contact us via email at: or call us at 404-693-4018.   We also welcome ideas & suggestions.  Please let us know if your organization might need some excellent bobbleheads!

Thanks for considering our products.